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This 6000 sq ft house boasted an outdated 1995 era faded wood cabinet kitchen.  With some modifications, new doors, new island and a face lift we were able to bring this kitchen back into light

Cabinet ‘Refacing’ is commonly referred to when you get new doors, drawers, decorative end panels.

Most often when you can’t stand your outdated door profile or when your doors are in no condition to be refinished, previously painted, chipping is too severe or water damage can all contribute to getting new doors and drawers.

The time line for refacing adds 3-5 weeks on the production because each order is custom sized to your kitchen.


We come out and measure and review door profiles or offer a selection based on your stated preferences.

This is the key to a new look for your kitchen without gutting the entire place and there are so many door and trim profiles to pick from you will be in for a total makeover.

Same basic steps as refinishing but adding measuring, ordering, double and triple checking, and waiting…

Why Choose Us?

Affordable Upgrade

Unlike a kitchen renovation that can cost $50,000-$80,000 kitchen refinishing costs on average 3-6k.

Cabinet Grade Coatings

Our product is a special order cabinet poly system with a hardener from Italy and is a staple brand in the cabinet finishing. 

Project Time

No one wants contractors in their home for weeks and weeks. Cabinet refinishing only takes 4-6 Days on average. New Doors 3-5 Weeks

Any many others we will review during our consultations

To keep things simple – its painting your cabinets….through a specific process of preparation, masking, spraying and assembly.

On Average single color cabinet refinishing costs $100-150 per door

We do have a minimum kitchen refinishing cost of $4500

New Doors Cost $100-200 (large doors and end panels will be more)


Kitchens with vaulted ceilings, multiple openings, glass doors, extremely dirty and greasy require more preparation which all factor in raising the cost

Most projects start on Monday and wrap up on Friday.  Some larger kitchens can go on for a few more days and smaller galley kitchens can be done by Wednesday.

Weather can play a role in dry time and stacking your doors at the shop.  When its raining and humid, the project can take a day or so longer.

You can choose any color from Ben Moore, Sherwin Williams, Farrow and Ball, even Pantones.  The exact color is mixed in our distribution plant in Pittsburgh and then shipped national to the job site.

Can’t decide on a blue but you have a pillow that is the right shade?  You can even ship a sample to the Pittsburgh and we will tint the top coat to that color

Yes, we can measure for new doors, drawers, decorative end panels etc

We can even build new cabinets

Cabinet refinishing is exhaustively tedious.  We often use over 1 mile of tape to properly prepare a kitchen to be sprayed in our refinishing process.

Regular painters typically don’t possess the tools, experience or have the product knowledge to complete a professional refinishing process.

All finishes need to be applied by specialized machines in a controlled environment that is uniquely set up on site working around various factors each house has. 

This is just for the cabinet body. The doors are removed and sprayed off site in our professional spray booth.

Hiring your regular painter is not recommend for specialized fine finish application

We build custom cabinets and islands are often on the top of the list.


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